Calling All Beluga Grads

Millions of children who listened to Raffi in the 70’s and 80’s are now young adults who remember Raffi’s music as celebrating children and the family of all life. We want to help inspire these Beluga Grads (BGs) to do just that—to live with meaning and purpose, honouring the children in their lives.

Turn this world around

The vast majority of young people want very much to help restore the ailing world they are inheriting. In essence, they want to help build child-honouring communities, and sustainable societies.

Much is known about the pervasiveness of environmental degradation and social inequities worldwide, and the global state of children. It appears that every realm within the ecology of the child has turned toxic, and our planet is in rapid ecological freefall. To turn this world around, new forms of organization and education are required that lead passionate calls to action for the work of restoring both the human spirit and the natural world.

Young people want to participate in social change, and are beginning to shape the world around them—influencing politicians, policy-makers, professionals and the media. All over the world, young people are adding their voices to the call for systemic change towards a just and sustainable global culture.

Organizations and networks of young people at local, national, and global levels are emerging, demonstrating their capacity for advocacy, communication, and commitment to social justice.

Beluga Grads look for leadership

As young people rise to meet these huge challenges in our world, they seek leadership they can trust, values they can relate to. Raffi’s original fans who are now young adults—many now with children of their own—still identify strongly with his music, its inherent positive values, and they are inspired by Raffi’s uncommon integrity.

When meeting Beluga Grads over the years, Raffi has often engaged them in conversations about the state of the world and their own place in it.

We imagine BGs as among the leading wave of the Child Honouring revolution—challenging themselves and others to live according to Child Honouring principles, to embrace the “precautionary principle,” to safeguard the foundation of human life, to build capacity for positive action and foster a culture of peace—challenging governments and businesses to implement policy decisions based on Child Honouring principles.

Child Honouring is a vision and philosophy that calls for a societal shift economically, culturally and ecologically; it is about putting the needs of society’s most vulnerable members first.

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