How can Beluga Grads help accelerate this paradigm shift?
  • The Covenant and Principles can inspire various kinds of projects Beluga Grads might create or support. They may be as simple as raising funds to replace the pressure treated wood in their local playground with a non-toxic substance, or as complex as pushing for a Child Honouring agenda in an election campaign, running as election candidates, or simply exercising their right to vote. They may choose to work alone, in groups or with other organizations.
  • The anthology Child Honouring: How To Turn This World Around (co-edited by Dr Sharna Olfman and Raffi, June 2006) is an indispensable guide to the depth and breadth of what Raffi calls “the compassionate revolution”. Eminent thinkers support the call to make a new covenant with the world’s children, to work towards a viable future for them and for all of us.
  • Raffi’s new CD called Resisto Dancing: Songs of Compassionate Revolution. The title song, written for Beluga Grads, is a blend of hip-hop, Dylan, Maslow, Shakespeare and more. Here’s a compelling group of songs that musically express the Child Honouring values. Due to be released in April 2006, this CD will be available only online.
We hope these tools inspire BGs to reflect, act, and to spread the word.

The Beluga Grad generation has the power and the energy to affect positive changes in the society. Raffi and Troubadour Music look forward to encouraging and supporting them as catalytic change agents.

The Beluga Grads outreach idea builds on Raffi’s singular and principled musical success, his integrity, the positive values in his songs, and his extraordinary ability to connect not only with young children but also with young adults. The intention is to support nonviolent social action that is inspired by the magic and celebration of life that is Raffi’s constant offering to the world.

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