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Hi Raffi,

I am a beluga grad, originally from Richmond BC (and spent many weekends & summers on beautiful Mayne Island!), now living in Melbourne, Australia. I am the mother of three gorgeous boys aged 6, 5 and 11 months. We have loved listening to your music again since Finn my eldest was a baby. I am also a volunteer with the Australian Breastfeeding Association; I produce a newsletter for my local ABA group (90 members) to inform women in my area about our gatherings, and to hopefully inspire them to listen to their instincts when caring for their babies and to enjoy the early years of their childrens' lives. I am seeking your permission to print the lyrics of "Blessed Be" in our upcoming newsletter; for me the words so beautifully capture the joy and reverence I felt while holding my newborns, amidst the haze of broken sleep, dirty nappies and learning to be a mum. I would love to remind new parents to take some time out and just to "be" with their babes during that hectic time, and I feel your song would encourage them to do so.

I have to add we are listening to Resisto Dancing a lot in our house at the moment. I know it's directed at adults, but my boys love it too. I often hear them singing snatches of songs, or repeating a phrase from the Covenant. My baby boy Callan starts dancing when he hears the opening to "Where we All Belong" - the older boys just need to call out "tunza!" to get him going!! For me it is a daily challenge to live up to the principles of child honouring - I agree whole-heartedly with the covenant, however there are times when I'm not quite as patient or loving as I'd like to be. Your music inspires me to keep going, pick the baby up and dance - the dirty dishes can wait! Thank you for recognising and promoting the importance of the little child, the huge task of conscious parenting, and the role of the community in supporting families to create a more peaceful world.

Peace be with you.


Allison Rosenberg, and Finn, Rohan & Callan Marshall.

ps. the other day Rohan (full of hundreds of amazingly inventive questions) asked me ever-so-earnestly "Mum, is God Raffi?"

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