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I did not know of another modality to contact you Raffi about how grateful my family is for your music. I am a preschool teacher. My daughter is a clinical social worker and the mother of our 9 month old grandson Jackson.

Jackson has been a Raffi fan from birth. Due to a heart condition called cardiomyopothy, he is now listed on the heart transplant list at Children's Hospital, Boston. This wonderful little boy has been through so much pain and trial. something about your song, "Baby Beluga", takes away his pain. He will go from crying, to a silent, contemplative mode when we play it. On his way to or back from the hospital. On his way to and from getting his medicine, if he should begin to cry my daughter slips your CD into the player and he becomes peaceful.

We have always loved your music and used it in our classrooms. I knew it was special, but this, this is miraculous.

In closing, thank you for your compassion and kindness. You're an amazing model for adults and children alike. Best wishes in sharing your message.

Thank you Raffi. Peace,
Rebecca Aliberte, Nicole and little Jackson Altieri

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Baby Beluga