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My name is Stephani Carter. I was so pleased to be sent a link to your site today. I am definitely a Beluga Grad. I grew up listening to Raffi's music, and along with other great influences in my life like David Suzuki, I am now living my life the way I want to. Making a difference in the world environmentally and socially. .

I have my own business, and it amazes me how it grows every day. I am in the building industry and help government and big business to build "green" and healthy. I also am working with my provincial government to great a database of "green" or sustainable products and materials manufactured and supplied here in Alberta.

I speak to product manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, architects, designers, specifiers, building owners and the average consumer about how toxins in our everyday products and building products are making us all sick. MOST building products have known carcinogens, we must stop using, specifying, and making these products and materials.

I also volunteer in my community a great deal, helping other orgs form to do good, in this highly consumptive province. One of the projects is an environmentally focused television show.

This is being created by a group of BG's! Twenty somethings, who want to make a difference in the world because we are the ones who will have to live here and raise our children. The show has received a lot of media attention already and the pilot is not complete yet. News papers across the country have wrote articles about this group, CBC radio has done an interview, Global TV also has interviewed the founders of the show, and now THE HOUR has contacted them about an interview.

They have David Suzuki's daughter Severn Cullis-Suzuki as a guest host for the pilot, and the hope is that they show will become the "next generation of Suzuki's". They would like to call the show "The FUTURE of Things" (with David and CBC's permission).

The show is about getting people active, giving them the information they need to know at their fingertips, showing how easy it is, and making it fun. The show has influences from "Captain Planet, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and Street Cents". Where we have a participant and we change their lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly, healthy and socially conscious with in one episode. We will work with varying income brackets to show how this can be applied to everyone, not just one demographic.

When I saw your website, the music video and the call for action from Beluga Grad's I knew what we are doing is EXACTLY what you are looking for. I just wanted to share this with you, but if you would like to be involved with the production of the show in anyway, we would welcome you with open arms. We are all long time fans and can all recite your songs to this day! If you would like to lend your musical skills to our show, we would be overjoyed. We currently do not have a theme song.

Thank you,

Sustainable Research and Education for the Built Environment

Stephani Carter
LEED© A.P. / I.D.T.
Sustainable Building Material Specialist

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