BG Feedback

This is Drew Whittaker writing on a cold and snowy day in Marsh Lake, Yukon

I just wanted to send a brief note of thanks. I thank you for creating great music that made me laugh, sing and feel special as a child. And now, as a first-time father of Leo, who is just one-month old, I am creating memories for him and us and using your wonderful songs with beautiful messages as a backdrop.

Leo's arrival has made me search for more of your tunes, and our new favourite is "Banana Phone". I love the lines about not needing computers and t.v. to have a real good time, and especially love the line about phoning the White House. Social responsibility leading to political action is a value we certainly will foster in this home of love.

Thanks for all your work Raffi. I read about the Beluga Grads (I guess I'm one of them), and as I go about with my creative work (writing), and make my first attempt at a book for children/parents, I'll be using your work for inspiration.

Peace, love and solidarity,

Drew Whittaker

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