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I am a proud beluga grad who continues to have a huge amount of respect for the work that Raffi is doing.

I've been reading your book on Child Honouring and find myself saying the word "yes" out loud time and time again - you and the contributors to the book have put into words exactly what I've been feeling for a long time! Thank you!

I had the great honour of meeting you about a year ago at the Epiphany Explorations - it was a night I'll not soon forget! Someone from CBC was filming your presentation and for some reason they asked if they could interview me - so I got a chance to tell the world what your music has meant to me (although I'm not sure the interview was ever aired or not). I spoke about how your music has influenced me to think more about the environment and to have more compassion for other people.

I don't have any children of my own yet, but that hasn't stopped me from introducing your music to my friends' children! I can't wait to buy your newest CD - is it available anywhere in Victoria? You sang a couple of the songs from it during your presentation - and they've been playing in my head ever since!


Mandy Wilson

Resisto Dancing CD Raffi Renaissance DVD
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