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I am a 32 year old bg and now a beluga mom. WE LOVE RAFFI. I just have to turn on one of your CD's and my spirit is instantly lifted.

I have four children ages 10 to 3 and they all love your music. Children are so very impressionable and I feel safe allowing them to fully enjoy all your music because your lyrics teach them many important lessons. I believe if all children could listen to Raffi until they were 9 instead of the contemporary musicians our children would be so much better off.

Children grow up so fast today in the Hollywood culture and I love that my children through your music can still be kids for a natural duration and not be forced to grow up with Much Music and the like. I really can't express my heart fully enough, I am just so pleased to have your beautiful quality music to help my children grow to be caring, loving and empathetic adults.

I honour my children and the children in my neighborhood by showing unconditional love, guidance, friendship and a safe place to be a child. We homeschool and really live this life to the fullest. Thank you thank you for giving me a terrific foundation in my childhood to now impart a strong foundation to the my children!!

Tara Bergeron

Resisto Dancing CD Raffi Renaissance DVD
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