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I came to hear Raffi speak about his Child Honoring book on Galiano Island last year (2006). It was very inspiring, and I bought the book and a Resisto Dancing CD. I didn't know much about Raffi before this, but with a two year old, my wife and I had been given a CD, and we all became fans.

Most impressive was the article I read in Shared Vision about Raffi and Troubadour's work. I couldn't agree more, and I am determined to publish my upcoming book on Chlorine -free paper.

Child Honoring is an excellent book, it just makes so much sense, and we now have the Covenant on our wall, and are committed to its principles.

We also love the Cool It song and video on U Tube, with David Suzuki and Michael Creber - timely and groovy. And Resisto Dancing is a very fine album - a perfect night time listen, encouraging and inspiring.

We look forward to seeing Raffi at Earth Day in Vancouver!

Peter Graham

Resisto Dancing CD Raffi Renaissance DVD
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