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I had the wonderful chance to see Raffi speak in Parksville last Friday evening.

My brothers (one was with me) and I are Beluga Grads and I treasure the songs from our childhood. We really were empowered and loved by the soothing sounds of Raffi's voice then and unlike the other children's artists of the time Raffi's message of global oneness, peace and fun was so special.

I learned things from Raffi that were not taught in school or at home. My father got the Baby Beluga song book with guitar chords and played many of the songs for us. I learned to play the guitar on my own starting at age 10 and also loved to play the songs from that book; they were so familiar to me. Later I would sing Raffi's songs while out babysitting or if there were bored kids around.

Soon I had my own kids and when I went out to get a Beluga CD I was thrilled to see all of Raffi's later works ... we probably have them all now! Of course the children love it all! To see Raffi speak the other night to the parents, and especially my generation, was like seeing that he isn't just for the children but for us 'big kids' too!

The CD is amazing and I'm humming the songs all day. I am really wanting to be more involved in the revolution and having the messages of the new songs swirling in my head all day has really got me thinking! My 4 year old son said today while we were talking about Earth Day "We can't clean up the Earth by talking about it inside the house, let's go outside!" The hands on approach!

I have 4 children and of course that's where I begin, honouring who they are, encouraging them to find their way to be here and then marvelling at what they come up with.

We are members of the Young Naturalists Club here and love to learn about nature and be envirnmentally friendly but to me, because we are already environmentally conscious, we are not a big part of the problem. I'd like to see industry be more accountable for global warming. It seems to me that in business the money comes first and they do what they can get away with but I don't know how to deal with that ... I hope to get the book from the library (I couldn't buy the CD and book that night) and look forward to learning more about how my family can get involved in the compassion revolution.

Thank you Raffi for the wonderful way that you have and continue to teach me! You have had a huge impact on who I became and I love you and your message. There was no way I could have said this to you without tears of joy that we had you!

Thank you, Susanne

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