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I am a Beluga Grad who recently rediscovered Raffi with the birth of my first child, Matteo. I dug out my extensive collection of children's LPs from my parent's basement, amongst which were many of Raffi's albums. My husband and I bought a record player and have been falling in love with Raffi's music all over again. His music has new meaning to me now, as I am no longer a child, but a mother and a secondary music educator teaching choir and band.

The concept of child honouring has incredible relevance in my life. I am fortunate to teach at a school which does wonderful work in social justice and provides students with many opportunities to give back. Raffi's principles and values resonate loud and clear.

I just wish his music was available arranged for choir!

Emmanuella Triveri

Resisto Dancing CD Raffi Renaissance DVD
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