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Growing up in the 1970's in rural Ontario I can remember Raffi's music always playing. My sister, brother and I must have listened to "Baby Beluga" countless times and I'm being truthful when I say that its difficult for me to sing "All I really need is a song in my heart...." without getting a lump in my throat. I'm lucky enough to say I felt honoured in my childhood by my parents, who always encouraged me to "use my own brain" and gave me the freedom to be myself.

I'm currently working at the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre in North Vancouver helping to educate and expose children to nature and the environment. I feel extremely lucky- after all, how can we persuade children to care for the earth, nature and its perils if they have had no exposure to it and if they haven't been given the opportunity to develop a respect or a desire to become our next caretakers of the planet? Its truly exciting to watch a child develop a love for slugs over the course of a couple of hours!

I had the pleasure of attending Raffi's presentation at the Waldorf School last night and I left feeling truly inspired. Just as my siblings and I were inspired by him over thirty years ago, I am inspired now but for different reasons. I look forward to bringing the amazing principles of child honouring to work, and to my future roles as parent and teacher.

Thank you Raffi, for singing to us years ago about love, whales and so much more. And thank you for your care and compassion in child honouring.

Gwendolen Elliott

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Baby Beluga