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I have enjoyed Raffi for years since my sister played baby beluga non-stop for her son in the 80s. Now I have my own son who loves Raffi.

We love your music and continue to listen and sing it together as a family. One of the songs I love the most is "All I really need is a song in my heart and love in my family."

We'll certainly buy your new CD and we're happy that you're focusing on global warming! You are inspiring to our whole family. I'm 46 but when I'm feeling down I'll sing one of your songs to get a positive vibe going and try to change my mood. I think you are teaching children in the same way that Fred Rogers did, positively, imaginatively and about becoming the person you want to be!

Thank you Raffi, for singing to us years ago about love, whales and so much more. And thank you for your care and compassion in child honouring.


Jim Boulay

Resisto Dancing CD Raffi Renaissance DVD
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