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I have 4 siblings and we all listened to Raffi growing up in the 80's. In fact, it's all we would listen to. To this day my older sister and I sometimes break out into one of Raffi's songs- we know all the words. One time as children we lost a Raffi tape- it was a disaster. There was no consolation.

I recently went home and was going through some boxes with my mother and came across a Raffi CD. I stuffed it away in my things to take home with me. Then I came across the same songs on a tape, which was cracked so I threw it away. My mom was shocked and said, "I thought you'd take that home with you!" I said, "Mom, I'm a few steps ahead of you ... I've got it covered. I have the CD in my bag." So much for being sly about pocketing my childhood music as an adult.

I have turned to Raffi's music as an adult whenever I need a lift. When I was 20 I found myself listening to him in my car.. without children present. Then I found out my 25 year old sister (and school teacher) had done the same. Still love the music and am passing it along to my nieces and nephews and friend's children. I hope to go into social work and I KNOW I was inspired at an early age by the compassion and love in Raffi's songs.

Katherine Davis

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