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Raffi's music was the melody of my childhood and this same playful tune now fills our home as our children sing into their Banana Phones all day and are rocked to sleep to the chorus of Baby Beluga. I only recently came upon Raffi's Child Honouring literature and am inspired by the hopeful future that he envisions.

Our children are our future. How many nights have I spent rocking my son as he slept - thinking "What will you do with this world?" And "How will you turn it around?" Shame on my ignorance. Sure we do our best to shop locally, to recycle, to ride our bikes instead of driving our car - but we could be doing more.

I am re-inspired! The responsibility is ours. What will I do to bring about change? What will I do to create a world where you, my child and my communities children, are empowered to live by the kindness and compassion that has been in your hearts since birth?

Tovah Paglaro

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Baby Beluga