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I was incredibly moved to learn of your dedication to what you call Child Honouring. It is such a simple and beautiful concept as the truest things in life often are. I have two young nieces and one nephew and I find myself becoming more disenchanted with the world they are being left. Our culture seems to glorify consumerism and is structured to instill an insatiable appetite for consumption. To me this mentality is one of the many shallow, pessimistic, but easy solutions that our society has become so fond of. It conjures up memories of the old lady who swallowed the spider to catch the fly, when she never should have swallowed the fly in the first place.

It gave me incredible joy to come across your movement, particularly because your music was so influential throughout my formative years. You inspired me as a child and have done so once again as an adult.

I think that a compassion revolution is only possible through courage and selflessness, two attributes markedly absent from many public arenas. Perhaps this is because the true leaders, such as yourself, shun traditional publicity. But Child Honouring is a real and true idea; one that I can honestly feel in my heart. And as Martin Luther King once said "the arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice and truth."

Thank you
David Fernandes

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