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I am a Beluga Grad and Mom. My earliest memories of Raffi go back to when he would visit our local libary theatre in the 1970's.

As an adult, my husband and I follow Raffi's statements and accolades through the Commercial Free Childhood. It is wonderful (and a relief), that we can give something to our children from our childhood that is still honest and true, not somehow intensely modified for commercial gain.

Our daughters are growing up with the lovingly, respectfully crafted music of Raffi. Our home is one that honors children. We sometimes feel like the only parents on our block who believe that each of our actions have a rippling effect that sends waves far into our daughters' futures. We do our part to preserve our planet, support causes in which we believe, and model genuine compassion and love for our friends and neighbors.

We are so lucky to have you, Raffi, producing music and making children happy with only their best interests at heart. You certainly had an effect on my childhood, and I find such joy and comfort in sharing your music with my children.

Yours with the fondest of memories, love, and respect,
The Golkin Family

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