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From Northfield, Minnesota ...

A few weeks ago, I was sitting on a bench next to our soccer field, waiting for practice to start. It was the beginning of the term, and many of us were feeling the pressure of the new school year. I was feeling stressed out by my suddenly busy schedule and overwhelmed by the amount of work I had to do. I was homesick, missing the support and comfort of my life at home.

As we put our cleats on, my teammates chatted amongst themselves. Some were singing the latest hit songs, others were giggling to very bad jokes. I started to hum "All I really need..." I felt my spirit begin to lift.

I remembered back to long road trips I had taken with my family listening to the same Raffi cassette on repeat. I remembered running around my living room with my family shaking my sillies out. I stopped humming, and started to sing with the abandonment of a young child. I didn't care how I sounded, I wanted to feel the words as they left my mouth and to sing with all my heart.

My teammates stopped laughing and singing and were looking to see what on earth I was up to. All of a sudden I heard a voice from behind. "...and love in my family." I turned and saw one of my teammates joining me both in song and in spirit. She, too, had been raised on the same music, and together we took comfort in simple values that were still as true to us that day, on the precipice of adulthood, as they had been so many years prior. I felt a sense of calm and well-being come over my body.

In a time when I was grappling with questions of what I wanted to do with my life and what kind of adult I wanted to grow into, through my singing, I tuned back into the hope I had when I was younger, when I believed anything was possible. As I continued to sing, my worries dissipated and the extraneous details of my life no longer captivated my attention.

I grew up in a world in which I learned about the importance of love, tolerance, family, sharing, education, caring, nature and so many other important, but too often forgotten, values. The hope that was instilled in me as a child, the belief in my own limitless potential, is what is going to guide me through the rest of my life. It's all I really need.

Lisa Friedman

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