BG Feedback

By the time I heard of your music, I was babysitting. I enjoyed listening to it as much as the kids did. I have kept on listening to your music and it has grown with me and my two children.

Your music has such a positive influence on my children and the way that I am bringing them up. I would love to go to one of your word and song presentations when you are in Colorado. Child Honouring has alot of meaning for me; I have it posted on my fridge.

My children and all of the other children in this world are our future and it so important to bring them up non- prejudiced and open minded for peace in our little world extending out to the whole world. You, my friend, have been a big help with influencing my childrens view of the world we live in and we are all trying to make a difference to influence others. Thank you for all of the funny and beautiful songs that you have written and the ones still to be written.


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