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I just LOVE the work you do, Raffi! It is SO inspirational and eventhough I do what I do (RMT and Mom of two sweet kids), YOUR work makes me want to do more...and I would hope that everyone else feels the same way and would act on those feelings!

The world would TRULY be a better place and it is when we honour the children. I guess we also need to turn that around and say that we need to "honour the child" within everyone of us, because, really, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who have been abused, or mistreated as a child. In turn, a lot of people start to dis-honour themselves (or more importantly, dis-honour their inner child)...unfortunately, that leads to outward reactions (does that make sense? ie. lashing out, toxic words, prejudice, etc) I guess the therapist in me is coming out ;) LOL!

Anyways, my point is, that maybe with people seeing your work, it might inspire them to make the changes that they need in order for the "Big Beautiful Planet In The Sky" to be a safe, loving environment for our FUTURE (children).

Carrie Creamer

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