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I'm probably your classic Beluga Grad--according to my mom, I used to sing "Baby Beluga" in the car every morning on the way to nursery school, and when my little sisters were born, the first songs they learned were "Wheels on the Bus," "Corner Grocery Store," and "Apples and Bananas." Personally, I never get tired of "Teddy Bear Hug."

My parents bought "Evergreen, Everblue" as soon as it came out, and for me, it's the soundtrack to environmentalism. When I have children, I intend to bring them up listening to every Raffi album I can get my hands on.

To me, Raffi has always embodied everything good about being a child and about how children should be treated, and his music has stayed with me over the past 20+ years. I still sing along to "Baby Beluga"!

Terra Gearhart-Serna

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Baby Beluga