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You have been in and around my life since I was just wee way back in the late 70's and 80s. I watched you on t.v, listened to you in the classroom, wondered about you often ... and thought about how blissfully happy you must be ~ singing and playing with children so honestly. You were someone I cherished and admired as a child, striving to keep my child's heart and mind.

Yesterday, as I leafed through a magazine from a health food store I Saw your sweet smiling face and in the warm embrace of his holiness the Dali Lama! What a wave of joy washed over me ~

I will take this page, attach it to my 'vision board' and make each day a day to honour both my inner child and the children I share my life with. I am a teacher now but have been so saddened by the policies of our government that I could not bring myself to enter the work force in that capacity. NOW I feel a stirring of inspiration, I can honour these new members of our society in my own way, with freedom and compassion.

Sara Mason

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