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I grew up on your music & lyrics. I am a Beluga Grad who is a Beluga Teacher and wants to be a Beluga Mama. At 31, I must admit to being very nervous of bringing children into this world...

But then I happened upon your book this week and have devoured it. The message is timely, beautiful, and inspiring! I would love to hear you speak and sing in your presentation about Child Honouring.

In my work with young children, I have worked hard to create safe, respectful environments for learning. As a teacher, I am constantly reminded that little people do as we do, not as we say. It is the modeling of peace, respect, compassion, stewardship, and citizenship that counts. It really is the little things that each of us do daily that can propel the compassion revolution forward.

Thank you for your message, your actions, and your inspiring vision...

Michelle Honeysett

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