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I am a Beluga Grad and a mom to two wonderful girls who also love Baby Beluga and all things Raffi. Tonight I was singing to them the song "the more we get together" that is going to be part of the family service at our church tomorrow. My children wanted to know if there was anymore verses to the song, and I honestly could not remember, so I looked it up. I had forgotten Raffi sang it and my youngest had never seen the video of the young children's concert. She was very excited. I decided to look up Raffi to see what projects he might be doing now and found this website. I am thrilled, it is everything I hoped to create after graduate school.

In addition to working towards the goals set forth by Honoring Children I hope to open my own school, following the principles written by Raffi. The honoring of children by respecting not only their rights as individuals, but their right to a healthy and sustainable environment should be acknowledged as paramount and made a top priority in every nation. The treatment I received as a child and the struggles I have had as a parent trying to find caretakers for my children that would respect and care for them are some of the experiences that have led to my strong belief in the Honoring Children Principles.

Currently, I am in a required economics class for my degree and have struggled with the idea that everything can be given value in dollar amounts, I have asked for a model that would include well being, and been told there is not one. I was relieved to see within the principles the support of TBL business practices, which is what I had been trying to get across to my professors. In finding this organization today I am inspired to more actively pursue my dreams of making the world a better place for all children. Thank you for being out there and doing what you do. I wish you great success in all your endeavors.


Melissa Robinson
Beluga Grad

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