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I am a Beluga Grad. Im 31 years old and have a two year old daughter. Every night ends with carrying Kieran down the hallway and fulfilling this simple request, "Sing Beluga Daddy." I am a Police Officer in Shelbyville, IN. My daughter loves the police car (the woo-woo). So we have to sing Baby Beluga to the woo-woo. That is Kieran's nightly ritual. I recently told my younger sister about Kieran's love for your music. It brought back such fond memories of our childhood. I was fortune enough to see you in concert in Indianapolis when I was a child with my siblings. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for me and all children. You are a shining star! Keep up the good work.

Unfortunately I see some pretty bad situations our children are put in. It breaks my heart everytime. I can deal with a lot of issues. However, when it comes to our children, it is difficult to understand how some people take for granted how precious they are. I consider myself a part of the compassion revolution already. I will continue to fight for our kids to ensure they have a safe, meaningful, and enjoyable childhood.

God Bless,
Jeremy O'Connor

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Baby Beluga