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"Bu-ga' Momma, 'Bu-ga'!" My son's favorite music was Raffi. One day, we got into our car and my then two year old son (back in the early 90's when kids could ride in the front seat) instinctly leaned over to push his 'Baby Beluga' cassette into the player. But, the stereo (and the cassette) was gone - stolen that day from the parking lot at work. My child looked up, confused, "No Bu-ga momma?"

"No honey, no Bu-ga", I admitted sadly, "But we'll sing!" And until the stereo and new cassette were replaced, we filled our commute time with singing all the Raffi songs we knew. And, boy did we know alot of Raffi songs!

Gosh, I miss those days! I've tried to make music a big part of my childrens' lives and I make it a point to give Raffi music as a gift to all the new babies and children in my life. Thank you Raffi!

Pat Miele

Resisto Dancing CD Raffi Renaissance DVD
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Baby Beluga