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I too am a BG. My parents would let us sleep listening to the Raffi cassettes we cherished. I have 6 children (some adopted from other countries), the youngest being my 2 year old son. All of my children adore the Raffi DVD's. My 2 year old will watch them all day, and while not watching them he will sing the songs as he goes about his daily business.

My one and only daughter was sick in the hospital four years ago at age 3. The children's hospital she was in believed in doing music therapy. She of course had her favorite Raffi songs, and I was appalled to learn that the music therapist had no Raffi music. So we purchased all of them and donated them to the hospital. My daughter at 3 years old sang fais do do and had the room in tears!

We received a letter a year later thanking us for the CD's and telling us that they were the most sought after songs since we introduced them to the hospital. It's lovely to be able to share such a great part of my childhood with others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Raffi for everything!

Rebecca Contreras

Resisto Dancing CD Raffi Renaissance DVD
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