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Hi, I am an ESL teacher and my students read and listened to four of your songs that were in our textbook. They liked them so much that we looked them up on YouTube to find the orginal versions. One of the students' assignments was to write a letter to Raffi.

I have included exerpts from their letters...

"I'm going to recycle paper. I'm going to ask my dad to use our car less than before. I'm going to save water and energy and I'm going to ask my parents if we can use solar energy. I promise to everyone I know that I'm going to save our environment."
Alex, an ambitious 6th grade

"I love all of your songs. Especially, I liked "One Light, One Sun". It was really touching. I want you to write more songs for our Earth!"
Dabin 8th grade

"I care about our environment too. I'm going to try to recycle more. Thank you for writing your songs."
Nigora 7th grade

"I love the melodies. Your songs made me love the sun and this world more. I believe people should recycle garbage and protect the Earth."
Mandy 8th grade

Aliceann Boyle

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