BG Feedback

Dear Raffi,

You have affected my life, in so many ways and I'd like to take a minute before this Christmas day is over, to tell you how blessed I feel to call you a friend.

My first experiences with your voice and message, were of course as a I am in fact, a Beluga Grad and huge fan! I'm so thankful that my family introduced your music to my upbringing.

Next, I discovered a voice of my own and decided to share it with people of all ages.

Then, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting you while attending Berklee College of Music, enjoying a lovely lunch together and hearing of your first thoughts on the Generation B, the Pods and Beluga Grads. You were unbelievably captivating and more than I could have ever expected. I learned so much that day, and made a charge to join you on your mission for Children.

Thanks for everything. Happy New Year and Many Blessings!

Love and Peace - Kristen Cook (your #1 friend on Myspace! Really!)

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