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I am a Beluga Mom of six children. My college degree is in Education, and I have surrounded myself with children since I became an aunt at age 5. I grew up loving children, and honoring their sacred potential. My children listened to Raffi throughout his career, from his earliest recordings on cassette tape. Some of my children were privileged to see him LIVE in concert with the Rise And Shine Band in the mid-80's. We all thoroughly enjoyed "brushing our teeth" with Raffi from the audience.

When Evergreen Everblue was released, we lived in the lush rain forests of Maui, Hawaii. I will cherish forever the precious memories of listening to, and singing along with those songs while driving down the mountain to the ocean, and back up again through the pineapple plantations. Every song was reflected in the beauty and wonder that surrounded us. To this day, it brings tears of gratitude to my eyes to realize what a deep sense of appreciation Raffi kindled in our hearts with his simple, yet profound lyrics about Our Big Beautiful Planet.

This year, I submitted my annual Christmas List, to my adult Beluga Grad children, requesting the complete musical works of Raffi and a copy of Child Honoring.

Many blessings to you, Raffi. We continue to deeply love and appreciate you for your vision and work toward a bright future. I will forever sing your songs to my grandchildren and, hopefully, great grandchildren.

Joanie Falconer

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