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Dear Raffi,

I am Daniel, I am in college and live in the Chicago area. I am really a huge fan of yours and you are one of my inspirations in my life.

When I was young about 7 years old I used to have a play guitar to play with, put in one of your vcr tapes on my parents tv almost everyday, I used to pretend like I was playing along with you.

I have been playing guitar for 13 years now, I also make up my own songs and hope to make more in the future. I play guitar for young children Pre-school to Second grade at Sunday school every Sunday, when ever I am playing my guitar I think of alot of your songs. I am learning to play alot of your songs on guitar now. Almost every day I love listening and singing to myself to your songs on youtube.

When ever I go on youtube I get really happy I pull out my guitar from the guitar case grab a capo and try to figure out the chords to your songs.

I want to say thank you Raffi for being one of my inspiration to me, and I hope to make kids happy just like you did for me keep up the good work and keep playing guitar. It is really a fun instrument to play.

Daniel Frankel

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