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I am a parent of a 21 year old son and 2 daughters, 18 and 20. My son received 2 Raffi cassette tapes on his first birthday. My kids grew up listening to and enjoying Raffi's music.

Also, I have a small home daycare and the tapes have been replaced with numerous Raffi CDs. Even though I have a large music library, Raffi is always requested first. This has been the case through the years, with many different groups of children. The 5 kids I have now want to listen to Raffi everyday. We shake our sillies out once and day for sure and sometimes 2 times.

After all these years of playing Raffi music, I still enjoy listening to it with the kids as well. Other CDs have come and gone but my Raffi CDs will always be a part of my program. I appreciate the way Raffi sings for and with children but never down to them. I love the warmth that comes from his songs and voice as well. Thank you to Raffi for all he (and his organization) has done for children.

In sincere appreciation,
Debbie Wrieden

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