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I am a faithful Beluga Grad (did I graduate from Raffi?? I don't think soo.. hehehe.. I never left!) I just became a mommy in March of this year and am so excited to share Raffi with my son. I finally have a good excuse for listening to Raffi! We also love to READ Raffi books! We incorporate Raffi songs into our daily life. When we brush my son's teeth (gums) we sing brush your teeth, during his bath we sing Bathtime of course!

I have always been eco-conscious, and I know that Raffi helped influence that. I was 9 years old when Evergreen, Everblue came out, it is still by far my favourite album. Throughout my life (so far) I have made decisions with our planet and future generations in mind. We cloth diaper our son and in hopes of increasing the number of families choosing cloth I have recently decided to sell them in my local area.

Melanie Mann

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