Mission Statement

The Centre for Child Honouring will be a dynamic communications hub and training ground for a global awareness and education campaign to advance Child Hnouring as a universal ethic and a central organizing principle for sustainable, peace-making cultures.

For the last 11 years, Raffi Cavoukian—with help from colleagues worldwide—has developed his Child Honouring philosophy: a comprehensive meta-framework for societal transformation connecting person, culture and planet.

Child Honouring is both a way of life and a holistic organizing principle for healing communities and restoring ecosystems—for redesigning the whole of society for the greatest good, with the child in mind.

In 2010, the Centre will launch the first of nine program initiatives. These initiatives will inspire and educate parents, teachers and leaders to join “a compassion revolution”: to create a more just and sustainable world for our children. The Centre will work to harness the power of infancy for good, in every culture, in a diversity of ways.

On April 21, 2009, The Centre launched a fundraising and awareness campaign known as Spirit of ONE. The Spirit of ONE campaign to establish the Centre:

  • Refers to ONE human family, an essential humanity most visible in the infant of every culture;
  • Calls each ONE of us to live for the greatest good;
  • Asks individuals, businesses and foundations to make an investment in children—ONE that will yield enormous social, cultural, and ecological returns now and for generations to come.

The Centre for Child Honouring to be established on Salt Spring Island is a registered non-profit charity in Canada.

We welcome everyone’s support.

We call on you to become a Ripple of ONE, to spread the word and to help fund a unique Centre for transforming our world.

To donate to the Centre for Child Honouring, contact Spirit of ONE Campaign Manager, Jason Rodham.