Child Honouring in Schools

For over thirty years now, teachers have used Raffi's renowned music for young children to stimulate joyful learning in every area of the curriculum. Raffi's catalogue of timeless songs is as popular as ever, and his children's books and DVDs are well-loved at home and at school.

For teachers, choir directors and parents, lyrics and arrangements of many favourite Raffi songs are also available as free downloads.

Child Honouring—the children-first way of sustainability

In recent years, more and more educators have been learning about Raffi's work with Child Honouring — his integrated philosophy for healthy child development, sustainable communities, and a child-friendly world.

The simple power of Child Honouring is expressed in a number of resources for teachers and parents:

Child Honouring offers a new paradigm for global change, as well as myriad opportunities for educators to change the world through the ways they respect and regard their students. Learn more at the Raffi Foundation website.

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