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Yes, I sang Baby Beluga as part of my science song book of songs and chants when I taught science to 1400 students at a year-round school. I made up hand motions to go along because many of my students were 2nd language (17 languages spoken on campus) and even if they couldn't sing it yet, they could join in the hand motions to get started.

I already am a part of the compassion revolution, as a teacher for 33 years and now a full-time instructional coach assigned to one school mentoring new teachers and all other staff in their work with children. I just left an urban district after 18 years because children are not being treated compassionately by adults and I couldn't be supported in being compassionate.

But it wasn't just this city or state, it is also happening in other urban settings all over this country. I am now in a smaller district where children are treated compassionately, not far from an urban district that is struggling. I made a difference for a long time in my other district, but there were also adults who felt and acted as I did and they have now retired or left and the school district is emotionally and academically toxic for all involved, including my own child and that's what made me draw the line for our family.

What I've discovered in my new environment is that there is still plenty of work to do here compassionately as a coach in my work and as a human interacting with others in my personal life and I feel like I've hit my groove of being able to live and work as part of the 'compassion revolution' in a complete circle, rather than against the breakers. I went to a YearRound Schools conference about 15 years ago where the theme was "A Cordon of Care". I still like that concept.

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Baby Beluga