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I am a beluga mom. My beluga daughter sent me the Covenant and Child Honouring. I am a pre-k teacher and have loved Raffi's gentle songs for many years and shared them with my students. I have worked in earnest to raise my children to be kind and compassionate to each other. We begin our day in circle where we discuss our goals for the day - playing in friendship, respect, kindness and things the day holds for us that we can be grateful for. We hold hands and pass loving energy from one person to the next until the energy has been passed by a squeeze of hands all around the circle. We also do a "mudra" or "in" (hand movements from Japan and India) that express gratitude for something in nature each day. The children that are "graduating" from this sort of program are amazing in how they use words and are respectful to one another. Very few conflicts arise in this classroom.

I will read the Covenant at our beach ceremony where the preschoolers become kindergartners and the kindergartners move on to 1st grade. I usually give my own speech, but in June, Raffi will speak to everyone through these beautiful words. I am also including the PDF copy of the Covenant to go in their end-of-the year books.

Raffi, thank you for helping us spread awareness. I will continue to plant my seeds in the "compassion revolution"!!

Cynthia Mason

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