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Dear Raffi

Pacific Spirit School is a child-centred school aligned with the Child Honouring Covenant and Principles. We endorse Child Honouring both because of its benefits to the education and well-being of each individual child, and because of the unifying perspective it provides for creating a better world.

We believe that children are most able to learn, and to learn what matters most, when they are provided with an environment that respects them as intelligent, creative beings who are capable of self-direction. We believe that when their emotional and social well-being are supported and recognized as being of primary importance, they are best able to learn. At our school, each child's spirit is nurtured and their innate interest in learning is fostered. We believe that healthy relationships are the foundation of well-being and that schools ideally would strive to promote each child relating towards themselves and others with an attitude of compassion and respect. We want children to learn that life can be fun and that work can be play. The Covenant's principles of respectful love and emotional intelligence are therefore embedded in daily life at Pacific Spirit School.

We are a parent participation school, in which parents, educators and children work together to meet the needs of each child. Parents often spend time at the school, particularly parents of the younger children, supporting the attachment needs of these children. We support and encourage the community of parents to develop increasingly conscious parenting practices, through example, talks on parenting, and through our lending library. The weekly ceremonies and community gatherings provide the experience of an extended community to the children, and for all of us. We see the Covenant's principles of conscious parenting and a caring community mirrored in these aspects of our school.

Child Honouring also provides a perspective for understanding the most important challenges that the world faces. By placing the well-being of all of our children at the top of what really matters, and organizing society around the needs of its youngest members, we have a unifying lens through which we can look at improving the world. Through this, we are better able to serve all of humanity in the most profound ways possible. Our support of Child Honouring therefore goes beyond the well being of our own children to include all children as well as our greater society for generations to come.

The principles of the Child Honouring Covenant are also instilled in the children in ways that are sensitive to their developmental level. We expose the children to the natural world, supporting their sense of wonder and delight in it, while older children are also exposed to issues of sustainability and social responsibility. Conflict between children is used as an opportunity to develop nonviolent ways of working with the myriad feelings of our human experience.

We believe that your book 'Child Honouring', with a collection of such intelligent and compassionate authors, is a gift to the world. Thank you for your conscious and compassionate work.

Pacific Spirit School Executive Committee
Heidi Anderson, Principal
Ingrid Price, Executive Director
Lisa Eckmyn, Former Executive Director & NLS Board Chair
Geoff Carr, Former NLS Board Chair

Pacific Spirit School

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