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I'm an educator who worked with children for 30 years. After college, I worked as a pre-school teacher for 6 years, and for the past 24 years I have run a private daycare from the bottom floor in our home. I have helped to raise many children including my own 3 boys in a warm and cozy structured learning environment in which we have followed a non violent philosophy....a philosophy similar to the one outlined in Child Honouring. When my own boys were small, I brought Raffi into their lives first with his albums, video taped concerts, and his books, and we introduced them in the daycare. The children loved him!

17 years ago....when my middle child was 2 years old, we had the opportunity to see a Raffi Concert in a neighboring city at Springfield City Hall in Springfield MA. It was the highlight of his life. I remember expecting that my children , would be free to dance and sing along like the video tapes we had watched.....but the ushers at Symphony Hall kept asking all the children to stay in their seats. My older boy who was 5 did as he was asked. But my two year old could not contain himself as he danced and sang along....and he was forever hooked.

By the time he was 3, we realized he had some sort of gift for music. By 6 he was playing piano by ear...and the rest is history. He is 19 years old....a successful local entertainer in our area. He plays keyboard, sings, and is a saxophone major in his sophomore year of college. Visit his website at

This past Christmas, Noah was at our local hospital for a community concert, and I was surprised to hear him tell the audience that the next song he was about to sing was called "Little Toy Trains"....a song that he had learned when he was a very little boy from a man who taught him to love music....a wonderful childrens entertainer named Raffi.

Raffi still graces my daycare today...and the children still love him! Thank You for the Music!

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