Letters To Raffi

Stevens Point, WI...

I am an elementary school principal, but have been a fan of your music since the early 80's. My children ages 25 & 27 are extreme Beluga Grads and to this day can sing most of your songs. I taught Early Childhood/Special Education and ushered entire generations into the Raffi circle for 30+ years. Even today, I hand out your CD's and tapes to my preschool and kindergarten teachers to add a little fun to their classrooms. I wondered onto your site because I promised a class of K-2 student in our summer school program that I would bring in my elephants and teach them Willaby, Wallaby, Woo tomorrow! Someday I hope to have grandchildren and they will learn your leagacy through song, movement and joy. We are truly blessed to have you among us and I thank you for the joy you have brought to so may children throughout the many years. I had the chance to see you several times over the years and love the new direction your career and life have taken. Thanks for continuing to share your message with the children of the world.

Judy Munsey

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