Letters To Raffi

North Miami Beach, FL...

My son Giovanni is 2-1/2 years old and he loves all your songs. He sings to the lyrics of most our your beautiful songs. Starting with baby beluga, six little ducks, oh Mr. Sun, etc.

He brushes his teeth every night while I sing to him "you brush your teeth..."

We have one of your DVD's and he is trilled every time he watches it...!

Please let me know if you are considering giving a concert for children this year in our area. Thank you for your great music. It inspire us all at home...

And every time we go down by the bay to see baby beluga we sing to Mr. Sun, and we see the six little ducks... This remind us that the more we get together the happier will be!!!

Carlos, Lili & Giovanni Norero

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Baby Beluga