Letters To Raffi

From Oxnard, CA...

One of my happiest memories is taking my little daughter,Amira to a Raffi concert at the Oxnard Community Center about 25 years ago!

We had little money and the tickets were free through her school. We still remember what a happy time we had and we both treasure the memory of Raffi's music and belief in a caring World Community.

I am thankful to now be a grandmother to Amira's little one year old son, Dean! When little Dean visits "Nana", we get out the maracas and tambourine and celebrate to "Tingalayo"…from the wonderful "One Light One Sun" CD!

That CD is very special to me …..celebrating the World Community…as we are blessed with a very international Family Tree…with branches in many countries and religions!

God bless you, dear Raffi for celebrating what brings us together.

Joy Hamlat

Resisto Dancing CD Raffi Renaissance DVD
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