Letters To Raffi

From Delray Beach, FL…

Far from being a Beluga grad (in 1976 I was getting my M.Ed. in music education), I learned about your music only yesterday. It was during a wonderful visit with my daughter and grand-daughter (now 2). Jen sang Baby Beluga to help me with a kindergarten music teaching audition coming Friday morning, and I knew it would be perfect. So…I just bought half-a-dozen of your songs from iTunes. I think it's fantastic that the grad process could work in reverse, from grandchild to grandpa. Meanwhile I applaud your website, so well-designed and easy to navigate, and thank you for making sheet music free, so incredibly helpful to people like me


The punchline is that my total two-and-a-half years of music teaching (pre-K through 8) was 35 years ago. After a long career in business I want to return to music teaching and with this teaching audition may actually see my dream come true. Thank you for your Child Honouring credo - it will help me to keep it in mind not only for the immediate benefit of the children but as a way to keep my eye on the prize of bettering the planet.

Ted Knight

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