Letters To Raffi

From Vancouver, BC...

My son started singing Baby Beluga before he was even a year old, having learned it from me, his mother, as I knew it as a child. Slowly we introduced other songs, and then the concert DVDs.

Raffi has brought out a real musician in him and ignited what we hope is a life-long love of music. Now, at just over 2 years old he is simply in LOVE with Raffi. He sings the sweetest versions of This Little Light, All I Really Need, singing and strumming in public and all day at day care. Raffi's music is his constant companion and never fails to delight him. "Raffi is a musician. Raffi has a big scratchy face!" he tells us with glee.

Through watching his concert CDs, he has learned all the songs and has requested guitars, pianos and kazoos, even a microphone and guitar strap -- to be just like Raffi. He has authentic, child versions of all these instruments now and plays along with Raffi and sings with passion -- even doing Raffi's stage patter and bows and hand gestures! All this from a boy under 2.

I grew up listening to Raffi too, and am thrilled my son loves his music. But most of all I credit Raffi with turning on my child's musicality and bringing out what is truly a musical gift and giving him so much happiness and joy. We are so delighted Raffi will be performing a show in Vancouver. We have tickets and our son will be there with his little guitar in tow!

E. Connor

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Baby Beluga