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RaffiNews.com | News | 2006 08 01 Songs For Peace

Songs for Peace

From Raffi’s CD Resisto Dancing: Songs of Compassionate Revolution,
2 songs offered as freely downloadable mp3s, complete with lyric sheets and music arrangements.

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Salaam Shalom, Side by Side

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This is Raffi’s dancing prayer for the children of the Middle East

In a Middle Eastern style with qanuun, dumbeg, violin, and sax, the song pairs the words ‘salaam’ and ‘shalom’ (meaning ‘peace’ in Arabic and Hebrew) to mirror the entwined cultures whose histories shape the Middle East. Raffi calls for a chance for Arab and Israeli children to shine, a time for the pain to heal — “a circle where we all belong.”

This song is in turns poignant, spirited and stirring, most so with the voices of the children’s chorus that tug at the heartstrings.

Since children bear the greatest burden of war, “Salaam Shalom, Side by Side” reminds us that peacemaking is a moral duty to our young.

Turn This World Around (A song for Nelson Mandela)

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Music Arrangement (Choir)

Raffi’s tribute to humanity’s hero sprang from Mandela’s call to global leaders in 2000 to “turn this world around, for the children.” In 2001, Raffi sang this for Nelson Mandela at Toronto’s Ryerson University.

The song expresses the essence of Raffi’s Child Honouring philosophy, a children-first paradigm for societal change. A child-friendly world enriches all of us, and offers the best chance to create humand and sustainable cultures. All children want to live in peace, and to follow their dreams.

Child Honouring sounds a call to make a new covenant with the world’s children. “Now is the hour, and we’ve got the power to turn this world around”, Raffi sings.

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