February 2011

Raffi On Huffington Post

Raffi's major new essay, The Right To A Future, is now available on the Child Honouring Centre website.

A shorter version has just been published as a blog on Huffington Post and the essay has been featured on several other media outlets: Earth policy, Truthout, Rabble, West Coast Climate Equity, Climate Progress

This essay reflects the culmination of Raffi's many years of systems thinking about the perilous state of the world, and how to see its connected root causes.

Putting commerce ahead of kids & community has created a dire global situation that requires fundamental systems change. Elevating money above life values has imperiled the future of humanity and its young. Raffi presents an Earth & Child lens as part of a new lexicon for conveying (and addressing!) the climate threat.

This compelling essay has already received positive response from leading thinkers including climate scientist James Hansen.

We hope you'll read it in full, and then share it with all of your networks.

Interview with Michael Stone

On Tuesday, January 18 Raffi spoke with Michael Stone on his program, Conversations Are We Listening? on KVRM Radio in California.

You can listen to their conversation here.

Raffi Co-Authors OpEd

A Bitter Truth in Ivory Coast, co-written by Raffi and Michael Byers, Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at the University of British Columbia appeared in the Ottawa Citizen, the Montreal Gazette and the Calgary Herald.

The OpEd referred to the child abuse associated with the production of chocolate.

Read it on the Child Honouring Centre website

The Centre Speakers Series

In 2011 The Centre looks forward to welcoming more internationally known speakers to Salt Spring Island.

On April 3 we will present Joel Bakan, best known for the film "The Corporation" and on May 28 we will present Annie Leonard, best known for her YouTube hit video, "The Story of Stuff". Plans for two more dynamic speakers are in progress.

Thanks to our local sponsors, The Harbour House and Country Grocer.

More details will be available on The Centre's website.

Plan B Screening

The Centre for Child Honouring is pleased to co-host, with Transistion Salt Spring, a screening of Lester Brown's compelling film, Plan B: Wednesday, March 9 at the Fritz Theatre on Salt Spring Island. Q & A to follow.

COOL IT for Earth Day

Educators can start making the all-important issue of Climate Change a focus of student Earth Day activities on April 22.

Raffi's essay The Right To A Future can be helpful in presenting a connected big picture of global warming.

Singing Raffi's song "COOL IT" can help engage kids & youth on this issue. Watch the music video and download the mp3, lyrics and music arrangement (perfect for school choirs) from our COOL It at School page - all free.

Thank you for your support in 2010 and we look forward to hearing from you in 2011.


Judi Wilson
The Centre for Child Honouring

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