Resisto Dancing CD

This album is both a companion to the anthology, Child Honouring: How To Turn This World Around, and the musical expression of Raffi’s Child Honouring philosophy—a systemic remedy for the unprecedented threats to life at a defining moment in human history. The title song, written for Beluga Grads, is a blend of hip hop, Dylan, Maslow, Shakespeare and more.

“Healthy Individuation requires resisting unhealthy enculturation.”

Abraham Maslow

A 9 year path birthed this CD and the book, Child Honouring: How To Turn This World Around. In the spirit of “tunza” (Swahili, “to treat with care and affection”), these songs give voice to a philosophy I call Child Honouring. Luminaries such as the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Riane Eisler and Jane Goodall inspired the eclectic blend of styles and rhythms inviting you to embrace a new Covenant: as Mandela said, to “turn this world around , for the children.” Together we can sing—and dance!—a new paradigm into being: a peacemaking culture, a child-friendly world, a world that honours its young. Raffi Cavoukian

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  1. Human Child Listen
  2. A Covenant For Honouring Children
    • The Covenant and Principles offer a basis for multi-faith consensus on the universal needs of the very young.
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  3. Where We All Belong (Chant) Listen
  4. Blessed Be Listen
    • An ode to the newborn, written one evening in 1999 right after washing the dishes.
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  5. It Takes A Village Listen
    • Written in 1999, after Dr Fraser Mustard’s request for a song to help policy makers understand the foundational early years.
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  6. Tomorrow's Children
  7. Count With Me Listen
  8. Resisto Dancing Listen
  9. Salaam Shalom
  10. Turn This World Around Listen
    • (A Song for Nelson Mandela) Inspired by Nelson Mandela, performed for him and Graça Machel at Toronto’s Ryerson University in 2001.
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  11. Where We All Belong (Ballad) Listen
  12. Counting On You
    • Guitar, vocals: Raffi/ cello: Harold Birston. Inspired by Jane Goodall and her extraordinary work around the world.
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  13. Song For The Dalai Lama
    • Tribute to a unique Nobel Laureate, and to the enduring Tibetan spirit; includes the Tibetan sutra, “om mane peme hum”.
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